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A solo violin performance of Isaac Cooper's lovely Scottish air from 1783, Miss Gordon of Gight, also used for the English country dance called Easter Morn.

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Tom Kruskal's - Sapphire Sea Mara Shea and Julie Gorka
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For those interested in Mara's dissertation on an 1850 fiddler's tune book found in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Where in the World is Mara!

Spring is showing signs of a new year of hope and growth. The daffodils, hellebores, fragrant daphnes, and new tree growth are all bringing a little joy to a difficult past fifteen months. 

It's still a bleak year for gigs, although there is a little hope on the horizon. We have our vaccinations. Life may return to normal – slowly, but steadily.

I am very grateful for your support -- thank you for the tip jar donations, for downloading tracks and albums, and for your email notes. I continue to upload a few more recordings on the Music page every so often, and have some videos on the Links and Videos page. If you enjoy these, and would like to see more, let me know! I'm happy to add to the collection. 

Stay healthy and safe!

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Ferla Mor - from Heather HillsMara Shea and Dave Wiesler
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Coleman's March - from NaturallyMara Shea and Roger Gold
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Miss Grace Hay's DelightMara Shea and Julie Gorka
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Dingle Polkas from Elftones Naturally.mpMara Shea and Roger Gold
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Tom Kruskal's - Sapphire Sea Mara Shea and Julie Gorka
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In 3/4 Time

Copious Notes

A kaleidoscope of lyrical and lovely waltzes, new and old, for dancing or listening--beautifully played by Mara Shea on violin and Julie Gorka on piano, with Dean Herington on clarinet, Ted Ehrhard on violin, and Walt Robinson on recorder.

All the Pretty Horses

The Elftones

Celtic tunes and songs from Scotland, Ireland, England, France, and America, spanning emotions from lyrical to driving, tender to fiery. Fiddle, guitar, and vocal arrangements of mostly traditional tunes, invoking Celtic spirit and soul.


The Elftones

The Elftones -- an energetic, fun, and lyrical fiddle-guitar duo that will make you want to dance, or just sit and listen and enjoy.

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