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Elftones (elf´· tohnz) pl.n. A popular, highly energetic North Carolina-based band composed of a fiddle player (Mara Shea) and a guitarist (Roger Gold).​

Who We Are

Our music is a blend of Irish, Scottish, Canadian, old-time, and original tunes. We like to play for contra dances, weddings, parties, and just about anywhere people like to twirl and swing and have a great time.

Although our home base is in North Carolina, you can find us playing in a large part of the U.S. (and elsewhere when invited). See our Schedule for our current calendar.

Mara Shea

I played a violin for lots of years before I found that it could be a fiddle, and that I enjoyed playing it that way. I grew up in New England, but didn't discover contra dancing and the wealth of music for it until I moved to North Carolina and started going to contra dances in the early 1990s. I like dancing, but I really prefer playing for the dancers! One of my favorite things about playing for dancers is making the music fit the shape and feeling of the dance.

More information and music on my website!

Roger Gold

Roger Gold grew up surrounded by music. His parents and older sister all sing and play various instruments. He knew at the age of six that he wanted to play guitar and persisted until his parents found a teacher. His interests took his guitar playing from the ever present folk, through electric teen-age-rock, to Traditional, Celtic, and more. He likes to "play" with the music; turning waltzes to klezmer, Bach into swing, and doing even stranger things to the tunes he writes. Roger's guitar styles range from classical to hard driving, rhythmic, contra dance music. He enjoys contra dancing, and enjoys playing music for contra dances, and has yet to figure out how to do both at the same time.


Our Music


Workshops Offered

Scottish Fiddle

Instrument Care and Maintenance

Playing Well with Others – Being in a Band (Contra, Scottish, and English Country dance)

...and other topics we can tailor to your needs

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