Music samples

Scottish dance music

Heather Hills (Mara Shea and Dave Wiesler)

Swans of Atlanta (Copious Notes)

More Swans of Atlanta (Copious Notes)

English dance music, by Mara Shea / Copious Notes 

Click on the blue links to listen to the music. These are all singles available for download.

Alex and Charles (Be Thou My Vision) (Mara - solo violin)

Asking for the Road - Star of the County Down  

(Mara - violin and viola)

Bartlett House - 9 times  (Mara - violins, mandolin)

Carolina Farewell (Copious Notes)

Cat in the Window (Young Terence MacDonough)   - 3 times   

(Mara - violin and viola)

Cat in the Window (Young Terence MacDonough)  -  6 times  

(Mara - violin and viola)

Champagne (La Fête de Village) - 8 times

            (Mara - violins and viola)

Christmas at Zeist (Sandy's Waltz) (3x through) (Copious Notes)

Christmas at Zeist (Sandy's Waltz) (6x through) (Copious Notes)

Comical Fellow (Copious Notes)

Companions ('Mon Amy' - Susato)

            (Mara - violins, mandolin, gentle percussion)

Crystal Spring  (Mara - violin and viola)

Enchanted Place - Hewlett (4x) - Mara - violin, mandolin)

First of October - Napoleon Crossing the Rhine (Copious Notes)

Fleur de Lis (The Lover's Petition) - 6x  

             (Mara - violins, mandolin)

Frank Palmer (Algorhythms) - 4x (Mara - violins, viola)

Fringe Benefits (Orielton House) - 6x

              (Mara - violins, mandolin)

Gigue for Genny (Greenholm) - 6x (Mara - violins)

Leslie's Valentine - Miss Grace Hay's Delight (Copious Notes)

Lover's Luck - 5x (Mara - violins)

Mock Hobby Horse (Copious Notes)

Mr Beveridge's Maggot (Copious Notes)

Mylecharane  - 6x  (Mara - viola, violins)

Old Batchelor - 6x (Mara - five-string violin)

Orca - 7x (Mara - violin, viola, guitar, mandolin)

Rural Sports (Copious Notes)

Sapphire Sea (Copious Notes)

Slaughter House - Hey Ho, My Honey (Copious Notes)

Spring Garden  (Mara - solo violin and viola)

Spring in Sebastopol - 7x (Mara - violins)

Ten for the Ten Commandments  -7x  (Mara - violin, mandolin, guitar)

Two Cousins (Mara - violin, mandolin, guitar)

Volpony -5x (Mara - violins, mandolin)

Whimbleton House  - 7x (Mara - violins, mandolin)

Zephyrs and Flora (Copious Notes)

Contra dance music

Elftones (The Elftones)

The Moon and Seven Stars (The Elftones)


In 3/4 Time  (Copious Notes)

Mist Covered Mountains (The Elftones)

Dawn Waltz (Copious Notes)

Listening and concert music

The Elftones - Naturally (The Elftones)

All the Pretty Horses (The Elftones and Rhiannon Giddens)




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